Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Radiant Bodyguard

It could be YOU.
No fees. No sign-up. Not even a uniform!
Just ‘you in your small corner, and I in mine,’ to quote the old Sunday School hymn.
The Radiant Body Guard needs YOU!

Most of us have read of the recent ‘Claiming the Blessing’ work session held in the Glorious Diocese of New Hampshire, preparatory to Lambeth 2008. It’s only one of many reasons which give me great hope verging on anticipation for the great blessings I believe the Holy Spirit has in store for Lambeth 2008.

This, of course, inspite of the cowardly waffling on the part of certain leaders.

This inspite of all the noise, acrimony and ugly misrepresentations from our patriarchally-challenged brothers

Bottom line, this Church is still the living body of Jesus Christ, Radiant Son of God, and as never before Lambeth and the Episcopate of our Communion are going to have a chance to be blessed by a LGBT presence like no other!

LGBT brothers and sisters from all over the world, making countless untold sacrifices to witness by their living presence- there in Lambeth.

None of them invited- but each of them acting on their hard-won faith to claim the blessings of their baptism, to turn up on the outside chance that the Episcopate might finally start acting on their oft-repeated promise to actively listen to the witness of our LGBT community of faith within the Church.

And if you’re anything like me you’re almost aching to be there- to take your place on the line with those brothers and sisters in faith- to be a visible presence, a living embodiment of the grace of Christ Jesus in our LGBT lives.

But this is exactly where you and I come in.

No matter how many of our radiant brothers and sisters make it to Lambeth we all know who the point man is going to be.

Who is paying the biggest price.

Who’s suffering calumny and rejection with our Lord.

Who, with Christ Jesus is being objectified, denied and shut-out.

And you don’t need to me to remind you what a confused, suffering and sorry world it is we’re all working to heal. We live, work and witness in it daily.

The issue of +Gene and Mark’s safety has been on my heart for a long time. Never forget, this is the brother who, with his spouse had to wear full body armour under his vestments at the sacred rite of his Consecration- not because of Muslim terrorists, but because of ‘fellow Christians.’

On my heart, and integral to my daily practice and prayers.

But we are neither helpless or alone in this- individually and together we have the unfailing grace of our Lord Jesus and His love - a Love beyond our wildest imagining, to quote a certain radiant brother in Christ Jesus.

So what I’m proposing is a covenant of daily prayer- world wide- three times daily... starting with +Gene and Mark’s continued protection, but growing to eventually include all of our LGBT representatives by name ( I’m working on that). And eventually..... well, how about claiming in the name of Christ Jesus the joyous wonder and awe I believe the Holy Spirit is preparing for Lambeth 2008.

Literally no limits to the grace we can claim in the name of our Lord Christ Jesus.

And it’s already started...

When the idea persisted earlier today I cast my bread upon the waters by e-mailing an individual in California who has become right-precious to me- and in less than an hour she’d already forwarded the appeal to more than forty of her parishoners and partners in prayer.

Next test, a semi-closeted colleague who never hesitated a moment.

Lambeth 2008 officially starts July 16,2008 and runs until August 3, with Pre-Conference events July 10-15th.

Whatever your practice- intercession- asperation- meta- affirmation- asked in the name of Christ Jesus I truly believe we’re in for some awesome wonder out of this Lambeth Conference. Steps in the on-going renewal and transformation of humanity’s relationship with God and the lives S/He has blessed us with- but wonder nonetheless.

Three times a day- lovingly confident in the faith we have been blessed with- claiming the blessing by blessing those who witness for us.

Lambeth watch out!

You've heard of the proverbial ole 'ring of steel?' Well I'm talking one wondrous ring of LGBT faith in prayer, surrounding +Gene and Mark, spreading out to cover all the brothers and sisters witnessing for us at Lambeth, weaving through the hearts and minds of the Primates and Bishops- all to the Greater Glory of God!

Another radiant chance to act on Saint Mychal Judge's injunction to 'Don't let the Church get in the way of your relationship with God'

We’re here! We’re queer! Now let us pray!

For God’s Greatest Blessing- to God’s Greater Glory- Alway & Unconditionally!