Sunday, July 1, 2007

++Rowan's Form Letter

You've probably guessed.... I am NOT impressed by Rowan's missive- sent out in bulk, during his absence on study leave.

Susan+ Russel, Priest and President of Integrity U.S.A. once again came through for us- getting the text up on the web within hours of it being 'leaked' and once again the Patriarchy has only once again shown itself impotent theological bumblers.

I quote

While is it recognised that Bishop Robinson was duly elected and consecrated
according to the canons of The Episcopal Church in view of the widespread
objections to Bishop Robinson’s ministry in other Provinces of the Communion,
the Windsor Report further recommend that the Archbishop ‘ exercise very
considerable caution in inviting him to the councils of the Communion.

And if that weren't enough, I quote

From the time of the election of Bishop Gene Robinson to See of New
Hampshire, both the representatives of many Anglican Provinces and the
Instruments of Communion made it clear that full recognition by the Communion
could not be given to a bishop whose chosen lifestyle would, in most Provinces
of the Communion, give rise to canonical impediment to his consecration as a

So implicitly or explicitly the consecration of certain Bishops must be subject to the casual approval of 'all Provinces of the Communion' and of any one else who cares to voice an opinion, further malicious speculation or who might have territorial ambitions? Or.... wait a minute is this new ad hoc standard only to apply to LGBT people of faith within the Communion?

As if this weren't enough, once again, Windsor gets hauled out

in the future proper regard should be taken to the bounds of affection and
interdependence between member Churches

And are the people of New Hampshire, the generous faithful of the Episcopal Church and their lives of faith not to be included within these some 'bonds of affection and interdependence'?

It would seem this is where dear ++Rowan once again betrays the height of his impotent ineffectiveness. Not only has he failed to respond publicly to the continued parish-poaching by the bullies of the patriarchy, not only has he failed to publicly respond to the arrogant refusal by the same bullies to attend Lambeth, or to their demands that all parties to +Gene New Hampshire's election and consecration be excluded from Lambeth; he now sets the lives of faith of thousands of our American brothers and sisters and their understanding of God's will outside the 'bounds of affection and interdependence' by his contempt for one of its 'duly elected and consecrated' Bishops.

But it doesn't end there, ++Lambeth refers to

widespread objections to Bishop Robinson’s ministry in other Provinces
of the Communion

This has got to be the absolute height of impotentency. Just what are these objections? If they are anything more than the expression of personal prejudice on the part of vested interests within the patriarchy let them be made public with all parties named and cannonical grounds cited. Resorting to such non-specific inuendo has got to be a new low in this current discussion, and makes me sadder than sad for the desperation it bespeaks on the part of the patriarchy.

Yet once again, it is the radiant fellowship of LGBT brothers & sisters and our friends who are being exemplary by their forebearance, their patience and their insistence on a larger vision and understanding of Christ's call to the Church. Once again it is the grace of these same courageous lives of faith which speak love to fear an acrimony. Once again... once again, and even in the face of the implied insult of +Gene New Hampshire's exclusion, American and Canadian Bishop's have resisted responding in-kind by graciously declining Lambeth's invitation, as so many of the bullies of the patriarchy have done. with public acrimony.

I have but one question for brother +Rowan, which party in these current discussions have repeatedly resorted to threats, acrimony & name-calling; who boycoted the collegial clebration of the Blessed Sacrament in Tanzania; who has continued to show contempt for both a duly consecrated sister Primate and brother Bishop and violated the Provincial integrity of a Province of the Communion?

Though I have never known the gift of prophesy, my sense is that ++Rowan is 'painting himself into a corner' where he will have to call an end to the current 'politics' of Lambeth.

Dare I hope for an apology and the 'normalization' of +Gene New Hampshire's presence and participation at the Lambeth Conference- you bet I do! This is the Church of Christ Jesus, not some ossified old boys club! (Though I do not hold my breath on any apologies being public).

Just imagine the radiant testimony to Christ's call to humanity our Communion will give the world when we witness +Gene New Hampshire, fully vested, in liturgical procession with ++Katherine and all of his fellow Bishops at the the first great Eucharist of Lambeth.

In full faith in Christ Jesus, I claim this- an nothing less. Amen

God's Greatest Blessing to God's Greatest Glory- Always

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