Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Noticeable by their shameful silence

Though I have not been counting the days, it seems to me it's been at least a week since the press release from the Ven. Akintunde A. Popoola, Communications Officer for the Church of Nigeria, speaking on behalf of Bishop Orama to denouce the story posted and published by UPI.

At that time Ven Popoola promised a retraction both from the reporter and from Bishop Orama- something even now we have yet to see, and their silence makes me very sad.

Mindful of the incredible non-violent track record of my radiant LGBT sisters and brothers and our allies in these trying times, I refuse to either repeat the original story or to attribute motives to this uncharacteristc silence. It is however decideably strange, when so often in the past the schismatics have been so very quick to access the media for what I have trouble calling anything less than their problematic rants.

As a Communication Officer for a national church, the Ven. Akintunde A. Popoola HAS to know that by not delivering on either the retraction or the promised explanation of the reporter's motives and what was actually said, they are effectively by their actions endorsing the gist of the original story.

The bottom line is, until they do deal with the story in a professional manner, it's out there in all sorts of secondary sources, and in the minds of those who may have read it in its original luridness. Unless they deliver the Ven Akintunde A. Popoola stands guilty not only of mis-handling a dangerous story, but perhaps of having intentionaly plotted this scenario. If this is not the case, then let the gentleman keep his word.

For background on the Ven. Akintunde A. Popoola's credibility track record I'd refer you to an earlier post by Father Jake Stops the World.

And while on the topic of tactics, manipulation and mis-representation, I'd also refer you to the current post of Canon Elizabeth+ Kaeton, writing on internet trolls. Unfortunately this current discussion attracted more than one of these characters.

Yes, Elizabeth+ is one of the radiant sisters who continues to bless the current discussions with her insightful grace and articulate intelligence.

more later....

but for now and always....... God's Greatest Blessing for God's Greatest Glory


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