Thursday, January 7, 2010


Very real tears of joy, wonder & thanksgiving here at the sight of this image!
And I make no apology to anyone for my celebration.

You'd have to have walked at least a couple of miles in the dessert of abandonment, fear, pain and loss my gay and lesbian Anglicans have known for too long, to know what a radiant miracle this indeed is.

To my eyes this is but another cause to give heartfelt thanks for the living blessing and great gift to our Church the Holy Spirit has given us in the life and service of her beloved son the Bishop of New Hampshire. If only certain quarters could recognize this and learn to say 'thank-you.'

And speaking of Living Blessings I'd also draw your attention to yet another magnificent post by a very much beloved sister and the insightful, prophetic wisdom of the poet priest Mark Harris

This morning our tiny house resonates with praise and thanksgiving.
I'd ask your prayers for Betsy, Ellie, blessed Gene, and for the continuing blessings of Elizabeth and Mark's priesthood to the Church.


hassopheret said...

Thanks for dropping by. Please visit again and share the site with anyone you think might appreciate it. And blessings on your vocation.

Kirstin said...

In case you don't see it at my place--thank you for the comment you just left me. I wrote that post a year ago--and the prayer still very much applies.

That's grace. Thank you.