Sunday, February 25, 2007


Dear Friends
As many of you will know, the Anglican Communion is in some deep trouble right now.
And a lot of otherwise-good people are saying and doing a lot of self-righteous, ugly stuff which is hurting and confusing a lot of good people of faith.
And two good people in particular are suffering the brunt of this abuse and viscous ugliness.
I'm referring of course to ++ Katherine Jeffers-Scori, Primate of the American church (The Great Katherine in our house) and dear +Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire, our brother and friend in faith and life.
Knowing that the prayers, actions and aspirations of people of faith can make an essential difference- and never more so than in times as these, I'masking each of you to make ++Katherine and +Gene a particular and personal cause or point of practice in your prayers, your sitting, in your lives.
Whatever your faith practice; wether it's in prayer, sitting or just a mental hug you send them daily, I'm asking this personally for these heroic individuals of faith.
Please remember them by name- Katherine & Gene- and send, wish or pray for them all as you would for someone you know or love personally who might be suffering such abuse and ugliness.
And as for those who are propogating this ugliness? To Quote dear +Gene, they're not our enemies, only our frightened brothers and sisters- and boy are they scared!
Lauching this, I am only too aware of the great body of LGBT grace and faith which is out there and I am in awe of how clearly we are being used by something so much greater than ourselves to break free hearts and minds from fear, which is essentially always an underestimation of
G-d's passionate live from Her creation.

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