Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a Wondrous Gift is the link for the text of the Great ++Katherine's (Jeffers-Scori) message at the beginning of her webcast this morning.
And all I can say is Thank G-d our church has been blessed with this sister's skillful patient insight, her articulate mind and her compassion for all of us living together through these sad and troubling times.
For those of you who might feel so inclined to contact the Presiding Bishop, she can be reached at

As time approaches for the vote in Nigeria I'd beg you all to pray for Davis and our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Those of you able to, please e-mail ++Cantebury, as he has to be made aware of the terrible position in which his inaction has left our LGBT Nigerian brothers and sisters. I've read suggestions that Davis be rescued out of Nigeria, but all that I've read of this heroic brother makes me seriously doubt he'd leave our brothers and sisters. It has to be made clear to
++ Cantebury that he, among others, is personally responsible for this horrible situation in Nigeria.

Writing from Canada, and seeing how hard the Primates came down on the Episcopal Church, I can't help but wonder if part of the reason they thought they could get away with it (and did) was because this same church is presided over by our first woman primate. Of course the real reason the Communion wasn't broken in Tanzania was due to ++Katherine's self-controll, and her insightful assessment of 'the bigger picture.'

++ Akinola's boycot of the Eucharist in Tanzania, his announcing that if TEC does to meet the September deadline it will be asked to leave the Communion, and his fathering this outrageous legalization of homophobia in Nigeria have all been public acts by a primate of our church. And where have his brother primates been in speaking out against such scandalous behavior?

Might we not have a classic example of the old-boys double standard here?

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