Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just a thought.... make that two

Still early morning here, though the sun has been flooding our blessed small back garden for several hours now and filtering through the boughs of our 'great tree' into the house.

A fresh pot of coffee, my sweet daschund Willie curled up at my feet- what more could I ask, except to once more be suprised by grace.

I'm referring specificaly to an article by the Rev. Candice Chellew-Hodge in Whosoever magazine and I'd refer you to one paragrah in particular- a quote from Bart Ehrman

"Paul transformed the teachings of Jesus to the teachings about Jesus' death and resurrection. That what mattered for Paul was that Jesus died on the cross and had been raised from the dead and that this brought salvation. It's interesting that when you read through Paul's letters, Paul rarely talks about Jesus' own ministry. Paul rarely quotes any words of Jesus. Paul almost never mentions anything that Jesus did during his ministry. The only thing that really matters to Paul is that Jesus was crucified and then raised from the dead. […] So, in the opinion of some scholars, Paul transformed the simple religion of Jesus into the religion about Jesus, thereby creating Christianity."

And that's only a taste...

And before any of you slam me for referencing an article which ends with a prayer written by Marianne Williamson just open yourself to what Candice is offering.

Personally, though Ms. Williamson and I might have our differences, too often in my years of front -line service in the fight to beat AIDS, I saw friends and brothers able to die well; for among other reasons the peace and grace they'd found in Ms. Williamson's writing, which was one of the few voices of faith 'out there' in the first firestorm decades of the AIDS Holocaust.

So I will always wish Ms. Williamson well.

And then there's the Rev. Micah Royal and his wife Kat (who's into rescuing seriously abused dogs). Michah will make your spirit soar and he serves to remind us all of the many courageous people of faith we have outside our blessed tribe who are alies in this greater vision of Christ's call to His Church

God's Greatest Blessing- to God's Greater Glory- Always!


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