Saturday, August 4, 2007

On a Personal Note

Who would have thought it- three days in Toronto (the city some Canadians love to bash) and I'm feeling so... much more alive- more human- make that restored!
Of course, the whole thing was only possible through the great generosity of my 'daughter' Terez who not only bought the plane ticket, but hosted me in her wonderful house in the Beaches, showered me with her love and attention and just generally put up with me.
As you might gather, it's done me a world of good!
Our time together not only included spending time together- and with her two magnificent Coon Hounds, Chloe & Miles- but a memorable early morning stroll along the beach which gives that particular and very unique neighborhood its name- a powerful Restorative Yoga class wih a wonderful teacher Hali Schwartz, several wonderful BBQ's and wise conversations; a chance to check out the amazing, new Hindu Temple; strolling along Queen Street; and spending time with Glen a sweet friend of Terez and I.
Terez and I have been friends for more than two decades now- and it was dear Louis, my late partner, who foresaw that she would essentially become the daughter of my heart in the years following Louis death of AIDS. In the hard weeks and months following Louis' death Terez was one of the very few who were there- stepping forward, but never on my toes, to be there when I found myself in the rawness of the greatest loss of my life. A loss made ever larger, by the fact that David- the caregiver in so many relationships was now in need himself- a new and uncomfortable experience for many who withdrew or disappeared from my life during that time.
But the 'Great T' was always there- available- and once again she's reminded me of just what a great and wondrously diverse gift this Life is! So thank-you 'T' you living blessing!


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