Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Beginning at Least

Finally, somone has publicaly spoken out and called ++Cantebury on his implicit responsiblity in the act of legislative homophobia moving through the Nigerian parliament. Human Rights Watch has posted a copy of a letter from a wonderful diversity of priests and ministers addressed to ++Cantebury

And why am I making such an issue of this and of the shameful silence from all the Primates on calling ++Peter Akinola on his recent behavior?

Not only are there much more pressing issues the Church should be addressing at this time ie the holocaust of AIDS, and the rabid spread of chronic poverty; there's an old theological concept at stake here. Scandalization: to cause another to sin. And this is particularly pertinent here; not only for abuse and threats this proposed legislation might empower.

All of the acts by ++Pete Ankinola cited in yesterdays post were not only committed publicly, they were aso performed by the spiritual head of a national church ie: citing like-minded individuals, by what were often acts of defiance if not of contempt. And yet the Primates remain silent on this in the public sphere. Is it possible they consider their 'brother Primate' worthy of a more considerate and private caution than their repremand to the American Presiding Bishop and her church?

All of these men, as leaders of the church have a public responsibility to their Anglican brothers and sisters for the example they set, and this double standard is not to be tollerated.

While on the subject of communication, is the link for a new communications policy document drafted for the Canadian Anglican Synod this summer. Well worth the read.

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