Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Grounds for Radiant Hope

I just couldn't help myself....

Two more wondrous priests of our church, calling us to the larger vision of what's really going on in our communion at this time

Brian C. Taylor+ of St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, speaks so powerfully to the prophetic call to renewal and witness our church has been given in his 'The Episcopal Church as Prophet to Our Day'

Father John+ another partnered gay priest deconstructs the current call to fasting, with an LGBT clarity in 'On Anglican Idols,' a recent blog on where the church finds itself in this hyper-real season of Lent

Father John+ is yet another shining example of LGBT courage, living out both his vocation as a priest and his marriage of 12 years to Andew- a marriage blessed with a son Nehemiah.

Call me a romantic sap- but the courage and grace, to say nothing of the articulate faith of my LGBT brothers and sisters of faith is awesome! Thanks be to God!

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