Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More on that bigger picture

If, as I have come to believe, the seemingly disturbing times we are living through in the Anglican Communion is really about a lot greater work than just the full inclusion of our LGBT tribe; if we believe that what's really going on his yet another wondrous call to more authenticaly living our vocations and birthright as daughters and sons of the true and living God, I believe full LGBT inclusion is the very least God is asking of faith communities at this time.

From what I know of the scriptures and Christian history, God is calling for a complete rebuilding of His church into nothing short of a living, vibrant engagement with God and each other in this sacred dance of Life. We still haven't got it right- not yet at least.... holding God and each other at a safe objectified distance.

As constant as change may be in life, humanity is almost equally resistent, and so through the forest of assumptions, restrictions and vested interests humanity- more honestly men, have imposed on God's relationship with creation, and on Christ's ministry and incarnation, God is now chastening the church with issues and instruments of humanity's chosing.

Perhaps only chastened, the church can get beyond the arrogance of its assumed priviledge. But I am incapable of the slightest hint of despair over what God is callling us into, the other side of all this noise, recrimination and accusations.

Nothing short of complete and absolute renewal! And for this to truly happen we' can't just wait for the waring parties to exhaust each other.

This blog- something I never would have imagined myself involved in, is part of a grass roots initiative to get the lives and voices of LGBT people of faith 'out there' in case the primates, or the leaders of any of the other faith traditions might be listening.

But even more essential, is the need for, and availability of critical scriptural study and commentary which is not afraid of including historical contexts and the events which resulted in the current scriptural cannon.

Equally, concerned people of faith need to make scriptural texts, including both the Apocrapha and the Gnostic Gospels their own, through thoughtful reading and study. If the the mouth-pieces of the frightened patriarchy quote scripture at us, we need to respond in an articulate informed manner.

Likewise, we need to avail ourselves of the opportunities to write and speak in faith- not only of Christ's promises to His church, but of contemporary understandings of faith practice.

Let those who are given the opportunity to bear witness one-on-one, do so.

Let those with access to the writen or public forums of the church, preach, editorialize and publish.

Arguing human rights is not going to cut it with the noisy frightened patriarchy- our strength has to be nothing less than the love of God for each of us His LGBT children; our vocabulary, both Holy Scripture and our understanding of God's creation through science and contemporary scolarship; our narriative the stories of God's faithful grace and love in our LGBT lives.

We have to make Christ's promises to the church our own, and call that same church on them... and then wait patiently for the church to find its new voice of inclusive dialogue.

Christ's waiting, and I have not the slightest doubt that with His grace and everything we need already provided; Christ working as He is through His LGBT people, all of humanity will be blessed mightily in a wondrous renewal of all of Creation's realtionship with God and his wondrous gift of life.

Fearless, unconditional renewal- nothing less. Amen.

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